Which Of The Following Statements About Hunting Is True 2021

Hunting is fun. That’s for sure. But what is the most important weapon every hunter should have? Well, from personal experience, every hunter requires the correct knowledge about hunting.

Fifteen years when I was new to hunting, I gathered so much information. My goal was to ensure that I had all my tips with me whenever I was out hunting. Unfortunately, some of the things I heard were not true.

It took me over three hunting years to figure them out. Unfortunately, they held me from enjoying my hunt. That’s why today, I intend to give every new hunter the best hunting tips and to debunk the hunting myths that they have been told.

So which of the following statements about hunting is true? Well, here is what I have prepared for you.

Animals Pick Up Scents from Miles Away

Right. It is true that most animals, including the deer, have a better sense of smell. They will easily pick your scent and sense danger when you move closer. However, their ability to pick out scents depend more on other factors.

From the direction of the wind to how closer you are to them, most animals will pick out scents if the wind blows in their direction. They can also pick the scent quickly in case you are closer to them.

The Gun Hits Better Than the Arrows

Wrong. Every type of weapon that you will use to hunt will have some level of success. Even so, the success will depend more on two things; your aim and the power of the hit. The same applies to the gun and the arrow.

When you are closer to your game and have a better aim, your chances of getting a clear kill will be higher than that of a person with poor aim and has a gun in their hand. So focus more on improving your skills.

You Can Easily Kill from a Higher Ground

Right. A higher ground translates to a vantage point. It provides you with a clear view and, at the same time, a clear shot. If the point you are using to hide is within your shooting range, then there is a higher chance that you will get a clean shot.

Make sure that you aim at the most critical parts of the body. This will enable you to get quick kills.

Any Type of Hit Will Kill the Game

Wrong. Unless you focus on the critical areas, the chances are that your game might survive the hit. To kill a deer without damaging the meat, it is recommended that you focus more on areas where the heart and lungs are positioned.

You can focus more on the head too. Most headshots will easily give the deer (game) a quick and painless death.

Most Animals Leave When Shooting Starts

Wrong. Contrary to this belief, it is clear that most animals won’t leave a grazing area when they are shot at. Instead, animals often seek out hiding places in the day, which they will use to hide in case of any danger.

The deer, for instance, will graze around an area that has a steep slope where they can quickly dash and hide in case of imminent danger. If not, they will graze in an open place that’s closer to a thick forest where that can quickly hide.

You Can’t Urinate Next To Your Blind

Wrong: Most hunters think that since most animals can easily pick out the human scent, then they will pick up the smell of human urine twice as fast.

That’s not true. On the contrary, biologists believe state that human urine will elicit no response from most animals. They don’t associate it with any predatory act and might as well think of it like any other urine.

More importantly, urine from several other animals, including livestock, will attract deer and might as well work to your advantage.

So the only way that peeing next to your hiding stand might ruin your chances is if the deer picks peeing sound as it hits on dry leaves.

Rubber Boots Will Mask Your Smell

Right. Well, using rubber boots won’t actually make whoever wears them completely invisible. However, if you get an air-tight set of boots, they will do so much to hold your scent. This degree of scent protection enables you to control your smell.

This should be combined with the best hunting jackets if you want to have the best scent control when out hunting.

The Deer Cannot See Any Color

Wrong. Only a dead deer won’t see any color. On the contrary, a deer sees colors. Only that it sees dichromatically, which means that they are blind to green and red colors; however, they can see the blue color 20 times better than humans.

So if you are out hunting and wear your blue jeans, be sure that the deer will spot you 20 times faster than they would if you wore red or green.

NOTE: Which of the following statements about hunting is true? You’ve got every statement that you need right here.

Additional Tips

You can now make the right choice; even so, there are several other things that you should know about hunting. They include the following.

When Hunting Who Should You Go With?

If you are hunting, make sure that you are licensed. After that, you can carry someone who is licensed with you. Do not bring a non-licensed person to hunt with you. The law is clear that anyone who wants to hunt must hold a license.

Depending on your state, it is important to find out what the requirements are for you to be a licensed hunter. Next, follow the due procedure to get the right papers.

What is the Best Time to Hunt?

The best time to hunt is during dawn or dusk. These are the times when the game often gets out to get food. They also move around freely under the camouflage of the moment. Even so, you must set up your blind an hour or so before dusk or dawn.

This is important because you want to arrive earlier at the scene so that you don’t rattle the animals or pose any form of anxiety.

What is the Best Hunting Weapon?

The best hunting tool will depend on the level of success that you will get when using the tool. While the use of a hunting gun has been successful, arrows and bows again provide some better sense of success.

Irrespective of that, your success at a hunt depends more on your skills. You must know how to hold the gun or the bow and have a better aim too. Without these two, it might get hard to hit even a still object.

How Fast Can a Full Grown Deer Run?

A white-tailed deer can run at about 35 miles per hour. However, that speed isn’t easy to maintain for an extended period of time. To compensate for that, the deer is a great jumper and can easily clear a 7-foot tall height from just its standing position. This goes up to 10 feet when the deer is on the run.

On jumping, the deer bounds well, too, and will easily cover up to 30 feet in just a single leap on the run. This is one of the reasons why your aim has to be on point if you want to get a clear shot.

Where Can I Get the Best Hunting Bow and Arrow?

You can buy your bow and arrow online. When you buy online, you will find out that you save so much money. You will also get free doorstep delivery and, more importantly, enjoy a variety of models to choose from.

Make sure that you scout for a set that fits in your budget before you can buy. You can ask a pal to help you with making the right choice. Remember that two heads are better than one.


There are several hunting myths that have been spread by many hunters out there. Even so, as a professional hunter, you must ensure that what you have been given is true before you start to use it.

From simple hunting tips to the most experienced pro tips, ask yourself, which of the following statements about hunting is true? This simple question is powerful enough to leave you with the correct tips for hunting.

Even so, while choosing the truth about hunting, it is important that you focus more on tips that are practical. Smart tips that won’t provide you with the best experiences are often untrue and must be avoided if you are looking for the most memorable hunting experiences.

In my view, therefore, forming a hunting group will provide you with enough hunting tips that you could all explore. Good luck!

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