What Is The Only Arrowhead That May Be Used For Big Game Hunting

If you are the bow and arrow hunter, you must have encountered several types of arrowheads. Personally, I have used more than three types on several occasions, and that’s great.

However, as a hunter, different game sizes will demand that you use different types of arrowheads.

As such, you are often tied down to specific arrowheads depending on the size of the animal that you’ll be hunting. So what is the only arrowhead that may be used for big game hunting? The broadhead.

Why the Broadhead?

Well, when it comes to going after the big game, it is important that you pick an arrowhead that suits the size of the game. With the right arrowhead, you’ll find it easier to make the kill. But why, broadhead?

Broadhead kills big game quite easily. Thanks to its laser-sharp technology and sturdy designed compared to the other models. More importantly, there are several types of broadheads that you can choose from.

Thanks to the number of steel blades that a broadhead may contain. Nonetheless, the type of broadhead that you choose for your big game hunting must be solidly built and kept as razor-sharp as possible.

Types of Broadhead Arrowheads

Like I mentioned above, a broadhead arrowhead comes with several other types – these types which you can easily choose from include.

Expandable Blade Broadhead

This type of broadhead arrow comes with compact and retracted blades. These blades will stay in the same position before they are shot. However, when you shoot the arrow, the blades will automatically expand.

That’s why the arrowhead is called the expandable blade. This type of arrowhead is particularly useful if you’re hunting bigger games that weigh over 50 lbs.

Thanks to their heavy additional penetration power, which allows you to penetrate the animal skin easily and kill it faster.

Static Blade Broadhead

This is the simplest one. Unlike the one above, this one will not expand at all. As such, you can easily take your time and check its size as well as its blade type when you are buying. That’s why this one is suitable for smaller animals.

The other reason why it takes time to penetrate the animal skin is simple; you will require more power to shoot. And depending on the power applied, it might be insufficient – and that may not provide a painless death.

NOTE: Getting the best hunting experience doesn’t end with choosing the right arrowhead. In addition to that, you must look at the right precautions, such as keeping your arrowhead sharp and storing the arrowhead when it is dry and free from moisture.

Common Types of Arrowhead Point

Apart from the broadhead type of arrowhead, we have the types of arrow points that you should know.

The reason why you need to know these types of arrowhead points is that they contribute a lot to the type of experience that you will encounter. Here are some of the most common arrowhead points.

Bullet Point

This is an arrowhead point that’s made out of steel. It is used mostly for target shooting. In addition to that, this type of arrowhead point can be used for hunting small game such as the rabbit.

Blunt Point

Like the bullet point, the blunt point is ideal for small game hunting. It can be used for some types of target shooting too. The arrowhead is made of steel and a combination of hard rubber or sometimes plastic.

Because they are blunt on the head, these types of heads will kill through shocking the game. They flare out at their tip to easily form the much wider needed surface for the striking game. This action is what delivers a greater shock to your target.

Field Point

Like the other two, the field point is made out of steel. This type of arrowhead point is used for target shooting. It is ideal for small game hunting and will leave you with a better experience when hunting alone.

JUDO/ Grabbing Point

The Judo is designed with the spring arm technology. The arms are attached and designed to catch in the grass and the leaves. This prevents you from losing your arrow. The arrow point is best for “stump” shooting.

It is ideal when hunting for small game and can be used for field practice too. Thanks to the small protruding wire that springs (grabbing hooks) out of the arrow point and grabs onto the twigs.

Fish Point

This point is made of steel. It is designed to penetrate hard scales and any other rough fish. This point is equipped with strong barbs, which allow for a quick retrieval out of the skin of the fish.

While it spears the fish and secures them long enough for you to come in with your attached line, this head features a screw-off that has retractable barbs for easy removal too.

NOTE: When it comes to arrowheads, several states have specific laws that govern the minimum diameter and the number of cutting edges that a broadhead used for hunting big game should have. So make sure that you’ve got your laws at heart before you hit the ground to hunt big game.


For those who were still wondering about what is the only arrowhead that may be used for big game hunting? You’ve got your answer. Even so, there are other common concerns that people often have about arrowheads.

What type of game should you hunt using a blunt?

If you’ve got blunt points, you can use them for hunting for a small game animal. These types of animals will include rabbits, squirrels, and ptarmigan. You can use it for hunting grouse too. Thanks to their flat and not pointed heads, the shock that these types of arrow points deliver will be enough to kill the small game faster.

Is it better to use a heavier arrow for hunting or a lighter one?

Here is a fact. A heavier arrow will penetrate better. That’s one of the main reasons why it is better to use a heavier arrow when hunting. More importantly, you should choose the best hunting because if you shoot the arrow, the arrow ceases to be propelled.

As such, the force that arrow experiences can easily change its direction if it is light. However, if the arrow is heavier, then it will still maintain its trajectory. Even so, every arrow that’s shot decelerates as it moves towards the target.

That’s why you must remain as close as you can to the target. Make sure that you are aware of your range before shooting at your target.

What is the recommended arrow weight for hunting?

From my research, the arrow weight plays a key role in the efficiency of your shooting arrow. Overall, the arrow weight that is good for hunting should fall within an average of about 6 to 8 grains for every pound of your bow weight.

The lighter bows should be closer to 9 to 10 grains for every pound. This means that a typical 60-pound bow will fall within the range of 360 to the 480-grain range.

Can a hunting arrow pierce the skull?

Yes. Depending on the shooting power and the weight of the arrow, an arrow can easily penetrate the human skull. This means that when properly placed, an arrow can easily penetrate the skull of a hunted game.

What type of arrows should you use for hunting?

Most pro hunters will use the high-poundage compound bows. Even so, every hunter requires a stiffer arrow as their bow’s draw weight increases. Again, they need a stiffer arrow with an increase in the length of their arrow.

Make sure that you also take into account the strength, speed, and direction of the wind when you’re out selecting your best hunting arrow. Take your time to determine your range before you take the shot.


So what is the only arrowhead that may be used for big game hunting? The broadhead. This type of arrowhead, as you have seen, has one of the most sophisticated kill mechanisms. It is this technology that makes it ideal for large game hunting.

Even so, there are several types of arrowheads that will come in handy for a hunter. There is the blunt, which is designed for small animals, including rabbits, grouse, and squirrels.

While the arrowheads are very effective, one thing is certain. Unless you learn how to handle your bow and arrow, making a kill will still be a nightmare. Make sure that you practice a lot so that you perfect your shots.

The distance between the game and the shooting point is again vital. It determines the shooting power and arrow speed. So keep it in mind when taking a shot if you are looking for a successful kill.

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