What Information Should Be On A Hunting Plan

Hunting can be exciting. Even so, it can easily go wrong if you didn’t quite plan for it. That’s the reason why having a hunting plan is very important. So what is a hunting plan? And what information should be on a hunting plan?

Well, that’s what we are going to look at in this post today. I will break this post down quite simply so that you can have an easy time getting a grip on what a hunting plan is, what it should contain, and why it is important to have one.

Please take a look at what I have prepared for you.

What is a Hunting Plan?

Contrary to what some people may think, a hunting plan is nothing complicated. In fact, it is one of the simplest things that any hunting checklist should have. Simply put, a hunting plan is designed to contain numerous pieces of information that are critical to your hunt.

Among the info that a hunting plan should have is where and with whom you will be hunting, when you expect to get back home, your hunting itinerary, specific hunting route directions, and any alternative destination that you could take in case of bad weather or changes in your hunting plans.

And is there any other information that a hunting plan should contain? Well, let us take a critical look.

What Information Should Be on a Hunting Plan?

While what I have said should be part of the plan, a hunting plan can be quite broad sometimes. And this would mean additional information. Here is a comprehensive outlook on what a hunting plan contains.

Hunting Crew

Like I mentioned above, a hunting plan should be specific on whom you are hunting with. It should include their names, their addresses, and their cell numbers, and possibly their next of kin too.

This provides a piece of comprehensive information that could help in tracing your whereabouts in case your hunting crew doesn’t show up on time. Apart from that, it is an easy way to have numerous contacts with you.

Hunting Location

More importantly, a hunting plan should contain the location of the hunt. It should have a specific answer to where you are hunting. This is very important in locating you. But more importantly, it’s ethical to give your location for a fast response in case of danger.

Return Time

Another very important piece of information that a hunting plan should contain is when you are expected to return. This could be a date, time, or averagely sometime across the day. It can further state the course of action if you don’t show up at that time.

Hunting Itinerary

It is important that you include your hunting itinerary in your hunting plan. Give a specific hunting route and directions that you and your crew will follow. You can again provide an alternative destination, as I said before, that you could take if you face bad weather or if you’ve got sudden changes in your hunting plans.

Contact Information

Again make sure that you’ve included the number on your cell phone. You can go ahead and include cell phone numbers for your pals too. This is one of the most vital things that any hunting plan should have.

Hunting Licenses

Every hunting expedition needs a license. Make sure that you take a hunting license that’s appropriate for the type of hunt and game you plan on seeking. You should include the type of weapon that you are planning on using.

Hunting Permission

Like any other requirement, before you set off to hunt, you will need to have written permission to access the land that you are hunting on.

Whether it is public land or not, make sure that you check if it is OK to carry on with your hunt. Written permission will go a long way in providing that. Remember that not all public land is a hunting free zone.

While on the same, you should again have a clear understanding of the entire hunting ground and where the hinting ground ends. Any trespass could lead to fines, court charges, and possible arrests.

Weapon Authorization

Then again, you should have the authorization that allows you to carry a weapon, use it, or have a specific type of ammunition. Include a certificate that shows your proficiency with the weapon of choice.

Under this section, you could include the types of game processing tools that you have. This can include several other tools, including a hunting knife and whatever you intend to use for proper field dressing of your game.

Additional Things

What I have listed above will make up a comprehensive hunting plan. Even so, there is other information that you can as well include in your hunting plan, such as these:

  • Basic outdoor essentials
  • Compass and first aid kit
  • What type of game you are hunting
  • Hunter’s safety certificate
  • Specific supplies for the game

NOTE: Under the specific supplies for the game, you could include the deer feeds, decoys for the ducks, and possibly a hunting dog for the quails.

Why You Need a Hunting Plan

So what is the main reasons for you to have a hunting plan? In my view, a plan helps you to remain prepared at all times.

It is the surest way to avoid or even minimize the problems that you could face during your hunt. As such, it’s essential that any hunter gets their hunting plan down.

Make sure to plan carefully, and as a responsible hunter, take your time to anticipate any potential problem that you are likely to face and how to deal with it.

Some of the things that you should consider include the terrains, location, and weather. You can have the dangerous game in mind or even potential for forest fires.


So, what information should be on a hunting plan? As I mentioned, a hunting plan should show where you are hunting and whom you will be hunting. It can include when you should be back, the directions to your destination, and other alternate destinations.

Make sure that you have a first-aid course before you set off too. This will be in preparation to tackle any outdoor emergencies.

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