Main Types of Hunting Every Hunter Should Know

There are many reasons why people love to hunt. One of them is to spend time with their loved ones or to bond. Another reason why people hunt is to get free meat for their consumption. Personally, I love to hunt because it is pure fun.

While most people know the reasons for hunting, what most of them don’t realize is that there are several types of hunting too. That’s why I have decided to save the situation and share with you some of the most basic hunting types today.

Every type is unique and is designed to meet a specific need. That’s why it is important to understand them. Whichever type you are into, it is important to understand what it entails so that you can have a great time when on your next hunting trip.

Take a look at every type that we have laid here.

Types of Hunting

Among the types of hunting that you might have come across, here are the basics that you must know about them.

Camouflage Hunting

Camouflage hunting, like the name, suggests deals with disguise. The hunter will disguise themselves using a cover or a costume that allows them to blend in pretty well to the environment of their hunt.

The reason for this is simple. Hunters believe that with proper disguise, a hunted animal will be unable to spot you. You can then move closer stealthily and take a better aim at your target for a smooth kill.

Disguise hunting has been boosted by the use of hunting binoculars and rifles with inbuilt binoculars that allows you to track your game undetected.

Bird Hunting

Bird hunting involves hunting for birds. The people who hunt for birds are called bird hunters. Bird hunting, unlike several other forms of hunting, doesn’t always have a limit to its timeline. Indeed, it can extend throughout the year depending on the species of bird that’s being hunted too.

You can always combine camouflage hunting with bird hunting to have a better chance at gunning down a bird. Remember, birds are easily scared and, as such, need a specialized approach too.

Dog Handlers

This is a type of hunting that involves dogs. The dogs will track the game, come it, and leave you with a clear shot. Hunting with a dog is much more successful when you hunt as a group. Even so, many people avoid it because it is tiresome and will put the game through some grueling conditions.

Nonetheless, dogs can come in handy in very many hunting scenarios, and if they blend in well, the results can be epic.

Small Game Hunting

Hunting for the small game means going after all types of small-sized animals, including hares, foxes, birds, roe deer, to antelopes. This type of hunt is best within winter and autumn. It is often done with dogs too.

While the animals involved might look easy targets, they aren’t. The hare is very swift and can easily make an escape. The foxes are agile, keen on hearing, and good at deceiving hunters. That’s why you need to get your marks right.

Big Game Hunting

Big game hunting is one of the most common types of hunting. It is enjoyable and involves several types of large games. Even so, big game hunting is highly controlled and, as such, will only take place for a very short period of time.

There are many animals that fall within the big game hunting category. They include the following types.

  • Wild Boars
  • Elks
  • Deer
  • Bears

Even so, in some countries and depending on what a wildlife association might want to achieve, big game hunting might extend for a long period of time. Here are some types of big game hunting looked at.

Wild Boar Hunting

Wild boar hunting can extend throughout the season. It is one of the most demanding hunting types too. The wild boar has an excellent sense of smell and a good hearing.

When frightened, they move very swiftly. However, when injured (by shots) can be quite aggressive too. So take some lessons before stepping out to hunt for wild boar.

Deer Hunting

Another very common type of big game hunting is deer hunting. People love to hunt for deer, and there is a deer hunting season in the calendar. Like wild boars, the deer is also a very fast animal.

That’s why most people who intend to hunt for the deer will resort to stalking them instead. Since deer has poor sight, hunting them would be best at dusk or dawn.

Bait Hunting

This is one of the most difficult hunting experiences that I have had before. The hunter has to sit on the bait and wait for a game to pass by for a clear shot. Bait hunting, therefore, requires a lot of patience.

For the people with thin patience, this is not the hunting type for you. Here are some tricks for a successful bait hunting experience.

  • Keep your concentration
  • Sit still
  • Find clothes with good insulating abilities
  • Have a clear shot hole

It might seem like hours before any game appears. However, one advantage that this type of hunting has over the others is that it will give you a clear shot. You also don’t have to move around a lot of tracking or chasing after game.

Recreational Hunting

You are hunting for a breather, simple but a great way to cool off. This is a hunting experience like no other. There is no pressure at all. Whether you make a kill or not, no one really cares. The most important thing about this type of hunting is that you get a great experience with your loved ones. Let’s just say it’s a game for bonding.

NOTE: Hunting might sometimes require the hunter to track their game for longer distances. This means that you must be ready at all times. To get that type of experience, you need to find the right gear for your type of hunting.

Additional Tips

Apart from the hunting types that we have seen above, there are other categorizations of hunting that are quite unique to the equipment used to make the kill. This type of categorization puts the hunting on either of the following types:

  • Hunting with Guns
  • Archer or Crossbow Hunting
  • Muzzleloader Hunting

NOTE: The type of hunting that you choose will depend on your comfort zone, skill level, type of game hunted for, and what type of experience you want. Make sure that you get the best hunting for your type of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the types of hunting properly articulated, here are some of the common concerns that some hunters will have.

Do I need a license to hunt for a wild boar?

Yes. All these hunting require licenses unless they are organized by specific wildlife organizations for controlled breeding. The law requires you to have a license before you start hunting. You must also have gone through a legally certified hunting education.

When Should I Hunt for Deer?

When it comes to hunting for game, there is a good time to hunt for it. A deer, for instance, is best hunted during dusk or at dawn. Even so, it is very important that you observe the legal shooting hours to prevent any problems with the law.

What type of gears do I need to hunt?

Apart from your gun, bow, or arrow, the other hunting gears that will come in handy include gloves, boots, and goggles. Even so, there are many types of hunting clothes that have been lately developed to suit specific types of hunts.

Can I bring my dog when hunting for deer?

Yes. However, the dog has to be trained to prevent them from scaring away your target. A tracker or a hunting dog would make a good impression when hunting for deer. So make sure that your dog understands what you are actually doing.

How do I stop a game from picking up my smell?

This might be a hard one. However, experience has taught me that the best way to do that is to use the wind. Stay on the side where the wind blows your scent away from the animal rather than towards it.


There are several types of hunting that you should be aware of. This is extremely necessary for a newbie. The reason for this is simple. Every hunting type has its rules and regulations. By understanding every one of them, you will save yourself from crossing the law.

The pros and cons may differ; however, any hunter who loves this experience will take their time to understand what it takes to become a pro. One of them is to learn the best types of hunting with their regulations.

Good luck with the hunting experience that you have chosen, and feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to add.

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