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Types of Bows For Hunting

Bows and arrows have been used by humans since stone ages or probably before for aiming at a whole family’s meal at one time from a distance. The distance was necessary back then because of the wildness of that beast or its fear of predator and running away. Not only Bows have been constantly modifying itself from ancient times to modern times in its design, structure, material, strength, speed, and accuracy for the aim. Not only this, the purpose has also shifted drastically from survival purposes to recreational purposes. Archery is one of our favorite sports, isn’t it?

When it comes to bows for the purpose of hunting, you might rub your head to choose from the classification of five types of bows to use.

Basically, there are only three types of bows but newer and newer mods arrive in the market. Three types of Bows for hunting are:

  • Recurve: A recurve now has its name coming from the shape it got opposite the one string. Unlike the long-form bows, this shape collects a lot of power in its body itself and thus makes it easier to shoot.

What is the design?

 Recurve bows are usually but not necessarily made of wood. Both ends of the body are curved away from the archer while the center of the bow bend towards the archer. It constitutes an arrow rest, bow limbs, and a string.

What advantages and disadvantages they carry with them?

 Many hunters who are either a  novice or don’t want a burden with them like to use Recurve bows. They are not as simple as a long-form bow and not as complicated, heavy weighed like a compound bow. The main setback comes with the breakage of the bow in case, it takes to replace the whole body for a recurve bow since it is not made of small pieces. Recurve bows need a substantial amount of force from the archer’s body muscles (shoulders, wrist, fore arms) and hence consider a good source for the beginners to train their muscles while trying their hands in hunting.

  • Compound Bow: What is the design?

These types of bows are complex, modern, and got advanced features. They were developed in the 1960s and totally work on the pulley technique. Sever pieces join to form a compound bow. It will have several strings to collect the center and aim the arrow better towards the target you are about to hit.

What is different from Recurve bows?

Unlike recurve bows which can only use a riser for balance, a compound bow allows using so many varieties of aids in the archery for better sight and aiming, or draw weight. It comes with pulleys, cameras for better sight (the simplest compound bow has one cam), and strings. This brings accuracy and less usage of energy from the archer.

Advantages and disadvantages- Also, compound bows are sophisticatedly made but they can be unassembled into small pieces and hence are very good options for carrying around if you are a professional hunter and want to stay a bit more in the outdoors. The major setback in the recurve bows doesn’t interrupt here, even if ono part breaks, you can simply look for the replacement of that specific part of the bow, not the whole limbs of the body.

  • Crossbows: Crossbows were developed with the purpose of killing that hostile entity in front of you, whether it is an animal or a human in confrontations.

What is the design?

It is designed with a horizontal limb unlike other conventional bows and can be used to shoot ‘projectiles’. These projectiles can be either arrow or can be lead bullets or even rocks. So, multi-purpose, isn’t it?

While we learn that a crossbow is being used by the Chinese from 600 B.C. a hunter disguised behind the plants would be fixing his aim to a deer right in front of him at a few yards. And guess what, with the technique and the design of crossbows (modern ones are more advanced), he will have that shot.

A crossbow is nowadays used mostly for hunting and sports purposes. Several crossbow supremacists believe that crossbows give an upper hand to the archers or hunters. Crossbows require a very less amount of force compared to others since the length of the limb is smaller and hence the power stroke is smaller. With more and more people exploring archery, crossbows are being reinvented and praised for whatever they are.

The only way to decide which now is best for you to hunting, you will need to know what you need. We have told you here the features of all three types of bows, advantages and setbacks they carry with them, techniques and body requirements, now you can decide easily for yourself what suits you the best!

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