The Hunter Call of the Wild: Tips and Tricks for New Hunters

The Hunter Call of the Wild Tips

For a successful hunt, there are lots of things that must take place. The hunter must have their A-game and, at every time, be knowledgeable of what to do. Any mistake when you are out hunting could spell disaster. I had seen many hunters who went home empty-handed when they were so close to dragging the trophy home.

So, what makes the difference between a successful hunt and walking back home with nothing? It is the mastery of the best hunting tips and tricks.

That’s why here, I will give you the hunter call of the wild tips that you can use to get your kill.

As a Beginner

When you are just beginning, here are some of the best hunting tips that will boost your chances of success.

First, watch the direction of the wind. Make sure the wind is traveling in the opposite direction. It will carry your scent away from the animal and, as a result, stop you from scaring away the animal.

Next, you should remain as invisible as you can. This is also helpful at preventing you from scaring off animals. Use the bushes and the shrubs to hide. You can also stay behind a protruding rock.

Minimize running as much as possible unless you are traveling between specific locations. If you do, you will scare away most of the trophy animals. Nonetheless, you might still chance some low scoring animals.

If you must run, stick to the existing paths or roads. You may not realize it while on the run. However, running on the path will make lesser noise compared to running through the vegetation.

For your first in-game money, focus more on buying better hunting refiles, callers, and better scope. Do not waste your money on trying to put up hunting structures.

When tracking any game, stick to that one. Changing the game in between lines will leave you with nothing to show for it. In short, you have a better chance of getting a kill when you remain focused rather than when you have divided attention.

Finally, don’t give up on your first hunt. You will realize that as you get better weapons, callers, and skills, your hunts will also get considerably easy. Focus more on exploration, map reading, and hunting small game as you progress.

As Intermediate

You become an intermediate once you have mastered the hunter call of the wild tips that I have given you above. And once you are set, it is time to progress with your hunting skills once again.

As an intermediate, avoid running towards an animal that you’ve killed, more importantly, if there are other animals close by. If you are in a good position, you can use this opportunity to call the other animals in again.

Focus more on the animal calls. They are best hunting clues that you can get. This is better than following the animal tracks. However, the tracks are also an alternative, although they may be frustrating.

Do not mistake fresh animal tracks to mean that the animal is close. Instead, it would be best if you only took after the tracks with the knowledge that it’s a 50-50 chance.

Once you’ve identified your animals, you should understand that getting the right scope plays a key role. It’ll determine the type of shot that you are able to land. You can always aim at the clearest shot of all.

It would be best to understand that the best places to scout for animals are around the need zones such around the water places and the main feeding fields. You can always go with the timelines to determine their locations. For instance, in the late afternoon, they could be under the shade or going to drink.

Focus more on taking the leader of the pack if you’ve got a shooting chance. Most of them will strive to protect the pack and, as such, leave you with a clear shot.

Walk of the foot. Don’t try to move in a truck. It is easy to move closer to the animal and get a clear shot while on foot than with a roaring machine. The machine will easily scare your animals away.

If you are using a bow, watch the direction of the wind. Most often, the wind will interfere with the trajectory of the bow. You should also maintain a closer distance to the animal as this gives your bow the best shooting power.

Focus on hunting more around dawn. Night hunting will be quite tricky as the visibility is poor. With dawn hunting, the visibility improves, and your flashlight won’t scare away animals.

Pro Hunter

If you are a pro hunter, then hunting might be very easy by now. Even so, you should understand the following hunting tips.

First, that if a wounded animal doesn’t lay still after a few minutes, they are unlikely to die unless you give them another shot.

You should maintain a closer approach to the animal on target so as to give it the best hit. An improved clarity will easily enable you to get a better shot.

The best way to approach an animal is to crouch. Mastering this skill enables you to make less noise, remain invisible, and get the best shot at your hunt.

If you want to buy a scope, go for a range finder. This type of scope will help you to determine how far an animal is before you take your shot. It also improves the clarity of the shot and the accuracy too.

Please keep track of every tool that you have to prevent you from losing them. The success of your next hunt depends on having all the right tools. You can always put down a hunting checklist before you actually pack up after a hunt.

Depending on the size of your kill, there are better ways of carrying the kill. It would be best if you also learned how to keep the meat fresh.

To experience better hunts, you can always have your won hunting group. The group should be considered small so that you don’t scare away the prized animals that you will get.

NOTE: Depending on your skill level, you will encounter different challenges when hunting. It is important that you get a clear understanding of every one of them. This is the best thing to do when you want to have a progressive hunting experience.


When it comes to nailing the hunter call of the wild tips, you must understand this one rule. A hunter has several mechanics which he/she can use while out hunting if they want to have a successful hunting experience.

Messing up any of these tips, however small, could quickly ruin your whole hunting experience. It could scare away your buck or leave you lost in the woods. That’s why it is better to work with the basic hunting tips that we have given you here as you progress.

It will allow you to gain better mastery as a hunter and also to get the best overall hunting experience along the way.

Good luck on your next hunting adventure.

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