Best Hunting Watch: Top GPS Models that Every Hunter Needs

In this post, we are striving to make every hunting adventure a memorable one for you. That’s why we want to help in choosing the best hunting watch for your next hunting trip. As such, we have reviewed some of the best models that you can always start with. Before we arrived at these models, we pooled over 50 watches on various factors. After that, we choose the top eight models that we have wrapped up in this review today. In addition to that, we’ve also prepared a smart buying guide and other additional info.

The two should help you to make the right decision when choosing a model that suits your needs. Let’s jump into the reviews.

Additional Information

With that said, it is time to provide you with some other vital information that you should know about hunting watches. Here is what we have prepared for you.

Care and Maintenance of a Hunting Watch

How do you maintain your hunting watch? What should you keep your eyes out on? Here are some of the things that will help.

  • Store your hunting watch in the right way.
  • Don’t let your hunting watch to lie unattended.
  • Makes sure you follow the user manual to the dot.
  • Take your time to learn your watch first.
  • Use the warranty, if valid, to fix manufacture defects
  • Wipe off water or moisture after using your watch

If you take proper care of your hunting watch, the watch will last longer. It will again perform much more efficiently too.

Top Best Hunting Watch Reviews 2021

Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 40 Watch

The very first best watch for hunting that I highly recommend for you is the Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 40 Watch. Simple as it might seem, this watch is easy to use and will leave you with a great sense of time always. It is affordable and won’t leave you with any form or irritation around the writs.

For those who are allergic to leather, this fabric strap watch will make one of the best models for your use. Apart from the adjustable 20-millimeter green nylon strap, the watch is wide enough to fit up to 8 inches wrist circumference. It comes with a black dial and is incorporated with a date window. The watch is easy to read and comes with full Arabic numerals.

A gray 40-millimeter brass case covers all its contents will the mineral glass gives a crystal-clear reading from every angle. What more is that the watch comes with an indigo light-up dial. It is incorporated with the luminous hands and is highly water-resistant to a tune of 50 meters or 165 feet. best hunting watch


  • 20-millimeter nylon strap
  • Green strap
  • 8-inch wrist circumference
  • Black dial
  • Full Arabic numerals


  • Usable under light rain
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to set and use
  • Smart fit design
  • Adjustable strap


  • No leather wrist wrap

Hunting Fishing

Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch.

With a black band in color, the next best GPS watch for hunting is the Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Resin Sport Watch. This quartz watch is another one with the coolest features. It comes with a high-end shock resistance that protects it against any form of impact. More importantly, these sports watch again features a multi-function rectangular dial that you can easily use.

Nonetheless, the dial pad also comes with an afterglow that’s easy to work with and which will guarantee a clear view. For new users and old hunters alike, the inclusion of the EL backlight and a daily alarm enables you to time you hunt and get back on time. A resin case with the mineral dial window makes this watch another great design for people who love simplicity. Thankfully, the watch can also be used under light rain. Thanks to its high-end water-resistant technology. You will get an auto-calendar to keep up with the dates. best hunting watch reviews


  • Quartz movement
  • Digital display
  • Multi-function alarm
  • Auto calendar
  • 12/24 hour formats


  • Water-resistant up to 200 m (660 ft)
  • Light in weight
  • Best under light rains
  • Easy to read
  • Cool black color


  • Some people are allergic to resin

Hunting Fishing

Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

The Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, is another best hunting watch with the GPS functionality. But that’s not all. Apart from its GPS functionality, the watch is very easy to use. It also comes with a durable design that most hunters will love. When I looked at it, I found a rugged GPS watch that’s built to withstand some of the toughest environments easily.

It enjoys the U.S. Military standard of the 810G for the thermal, shock, and water resistance touch. The watch again has a built-in 3 axis compass with a barometric altimeter. It comes with multiple global navigation technology that works with the satellite systems. You can use it to identify your location and easily track your movements back to where you began. Use this best GPS watch for hunting to estimate your heart rate and general stress levels when out hunting. Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Features Glonass and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring and 3-Axis Compass, Graphite


  • Large battery
  • Resin strap
  • GPS mode
  • Ultratrac battery saver
  • Silicone Stay


  • Smart notifications
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible to smartphone
  • Automatic data uploads
  • Navigates the same route back


  • Pricier than the other models

Hunting Fishing

Casio Men’s SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital Watch

Again sophistication doesn’t have to come at a price for any hunter. With this best hunting watch, you’ll get to enjoy some of the best features without necessarily spending so much.

Thanks to the Casio Men’s SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital Watch. This is an awesome watch with some of the best features.

The watch is made out of a resin strap. It comes with a crystal clear display that makes it easy to read from any angle. More importantly, the watch also has a wide display range and an even wider display unit too. In addition to that is a graphic direction pointer that you can work with pretty fast.

Thanks to its digital compass, keeping up in the right direction when tracking your game is very easy. You will get back to your starting point without any hassle and also enjoy the best bearing sensor correction. Another great feature is the magnetic declination correction, a thermometer, and an auto pre-programmed that captures dates to 2099. best hunting watch reviews 2020


  • Digital Calendar
  • Bearing sensor correction
  • Magnetic declination correction
  • Thermometer
  • 12/24 Hour Format


  • On/Off button operation tone
  • Longer battery life
  • Easy to read
  • Simple to follow GPS
  • Quick strap adjustments


  • A little complex for new users

Hunting Fishing

Garmin fenix 3 GPS Watch, Gray

Now for the next best hunting watch with the GPS system, we have the Garmin fenix 3 GPS Watch. The watch is one of my best models. It comes with the chroma display and, as such, is easily visible even under the sunlight. The watch is also fitted with a high-resolution color with a quick fit wrist watch brand that’s compatible with many wrist sizes.

Thanks to its great design, this watch also enjoys a high water-resistant rating that goes for up to 100 meters. It is, therefore, suitable for hunting under light rainfall and maximizes its high-end durability with the fiber-reinforced polymer design.

Fitted with an Omni-directional steel Exo antenna, this watch provides some of the best pairings and highly accurate positions than a GPS alone watch. Use it for your wireless connectivity and easily utilize more than a single Wi-Fi Hot spot to sync your data watch for hunting


  • Garmin Connect and update software
  • GPS mode
  • UltraTrac mode
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Easy connectivity
  • Highly accurate positions
  • High-end durability
  • Longer battery life (up to 20 hours)
  • Omni-directional antenna


  • Complex user manual

Hunting Fishing

Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

The reason why Casio dominates our review is that it has some of the top-rated technologies for the best watches for hunting. The Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch, for instance, comes with a great resin design for its strap. The strapping is also adjustable and very easy to fit around the hand.

With a cool black color, this hunting watches solar-powered and comes with multiple features. The watch has a digital compass, an altimeter, and a barometer. There is also a thermometer and cool EL backlight technology. The world time includes 31 time zones with up to 48 cities.

There are the city code display and up to five pre-set daily alarms. To give you a quick sense of date, this watch has a full auto-calendar that’s pre-programmed to 2099. You can set your watch on either 12 or 24-hour format depending on what you actually prefer. And when the battery power goes down, there is the battery power indicator that alerts you and a power-saving functionality that you can opt for. best gps watch for hunting


  • Digital compass
  • Full auto-calendar
  • 12 or 24-hour format
  • Battery power indicator
  • Power-saving functionality


  • 51-mm stainless steel case
  • Mineral dial window
  • Digital display
  • Resin band
  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Only solar powered

Hunting Fishing

Lad Weather Altimeter Watch with Barometer and Digital Compass

The other best GPS watch for hunting that you can always rely on when out in the woods is this model. The Lad Weather Altimeter Watch with Barometer and Digital Compass, like the name suggest, comes with a weather altimeter. You can easily predict the types of weather that you’ll face and prepare accordingly.

The model again incorporates a digital compass that gives you a sense of direction. More importantly, there is also the thermometer for taking temperatures. With high-level water resistance, this is a great watch for the moist hunting timelines of dawn and dusk.

The case of the watch is made of hard plastic while the back is fitted with a stainless steel cover that eliminates rust. Get the best view of your time, location, temperature, and weather forecast through a clear acrylic glass technology. With this type of experience, this model qualifies to be one of the best hunting watches that you can always rely on. garmin hunting watch


  • Altimeter
  • Digital Compass
  • Water-resistant
  • Plastic case
  • Acrylic glass
  • Weight: 57g


  • Light in weight
  • Clear viewing
  • Accurate locations
  • Water-resistant
  • Ease of use


  • The plastic cover is less durable than metallic

Hunting Fishing

Suunto Traverse Alpha

Talk about saving the best for last, and the Suunto Traverse Alpha best watch for hunting comes right up. This is a top range hunting watch that you don’t want to miss out on. But what makes this watch extremely special?

Firstly, this watch features a rugged and knurled stainless steel design that gives it one of the best durability. The watch again has a high-end water repellent technology and a simple to use nylon strap around the wrist.

With its premium scratch-resistant sapphire glass, viewing this watch becomes very easy. You will get a quick glance and easily see the time, location, map, or digital compass. This best GPS watch for hunting has the Suunto’s automatic shot detection technology that also keeps track of when and again where you shoot.

There is a quick glance mapping that comes with specific GPS coordinates on your personal location. Suunto Traverse Alpha - Stealth


  • Water repellent technology
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • GPS watch
  • Shot detection technology


  • GPS tracks your path
  • Automatic breadcrumb trail
  • Compatible with Suunto Movescount App
  • Auto-generated calendar
  • Best hunting times


  • Shallow user manual

Hunting Fishing

Best Hunting Watch Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen all the reviews, that I prepared for you let us take a look at the smart buying guide for any best watch for hunting. Here, I will include some of the most important factors that you must pay attention to when buying a hunting watch.


The very first thing that you need to have in mind is durability. Ask yourself if you have a long-lasting hunting watch model. To determine if your watch is durable, here are some of the things that you must keep in mind.

  • Look for s scratch-resistant viewing glass
  • Watch out for metallic casing
  • Only choose hard plastics
  • Go for stainless steel back covers

NOTE: When you opt for stainless steel, you’ll get rust-resistant technology. A good viewing glass means clear views at all times. While the metallic casing ideally lengthens the lifespan of the hunting watch.

GPS Technology

Another important thing that you must keep an eye out for is GPS technology. Why is this important? Most of the time, a hunter will lose a sense of direction when tracking game. They don’t often have the time to watch where they are coming from.

A GPS system will help you to track your game successfully and at the same time, track your way back to your starting point. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, going so far away from the camp, or getting late for the campfire.

All-Weather Resistant

Again, any best hunting watch should also come with an all-weather resistant technology. The watch should come readily fitted to withstand the harsh hunting outdoors. A good hunting watch should, therefore, have the following:

  • High water resistance
  • Airtight enclosure
  • Scratch-resistant touch
  • High resistance to dust and suns UV light

Clear View

For any hunter, a clear view on the watch is equally important irrespective of the time of day. Make sure that your watch can be viewed under hot sunlight just as it can be seen under foggy climate.

The incorporation of an EL backlight, Chroma display, and some type of lighting in the background will make your work easy. Do not go for a watch that’ll make you strain whenever it is time to turn to your GPS.

Multiple Functionality

More importantly, the need for your best GPS watch for hunting to support other functionalities is very important. A great watch, in this case, will get you covered from every angle. You should ensure that you have a watch that includes many other functionalities such as:

  • Altimeter – For the weather forecast
  • Thermometer – Surrounding temperatures

There are other models that will also support timers and barometers and, in so doing, provide you with a complete powerhouse.

Strap Type

Is your watch strap made out of leather, fabric, or resin? Which is the best material for your use? While leather will last longer, some people are allergic to it. Resin, on the other hand, will develop cuts when its ages but has one of the best elasticities.

However, nylon fabric enjoys the best moisture-wicking capacity. It is also durable and will hardly stretch out. At the end of the day, the choice belongs to you.

Light Weight

Again, you must ensure that your watch enjoys one of the best weights. Lightweight design means that you can use your best hunting watch for long without feeling any signs of fatigue. This means tracking your game without every growing tired quickly.

Time Format

Get a hunting watch that can be used with both 12 and 24-hour time modes. It would be best if you also got a model that allows you to change time zones depending on your city easily. This will leave you with even greater experience when working with your hunting time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The next thing that we can also look at is the FAQs, that come with the best watch for hunting. Here are some that we managed to round up for you.

What Functionalities Does the Best Hunting Watch Have?

The best hunting watch should provide you with a comfortable sense of direction (GPS system), connectivity (App support), Weather forecast (Altimeter), and Temperature range (Thermometer), among other things.

Where Can I Buy My Best GPS watch for hunting?

Buying online is the best. With online buying, you’ll get the best prices. There are offers on accessories, and more importantly, you will get a variety of watch models to look at. Even so, the best part of the whole process is the doorstep delivery.

Can You Use Your Hunting Watch with Your Phone?

Yes. There are certain hunting watches that support iOS and Android connectivity. This makes them easy to work with and helps you to get the best synchronization between your watch and also your smartphone. Eventually, you’ll get an easy time wrapping up these two functionalities together.

What is the Best Hunting Watch for Newbies?

Because they are just starting out, newbies don’t actually need a pricey watch. Going with a watch that’s very affordable and one that comes with simple features is very important. It helps the new hunter to learn the systems of a hunting watch as they progress and develop their hunting skills.

How Much Water Can I Allow on My Hunting Watch?

Most of the best watches for hunting will provide you with definite water levels that your best GPS watch for hunting can withstand. To get a better experience, you must learn these levels first. Often, the levels will differ from one manufacturer to the next, and that’s why you must ensure that you read through the user manual of your watch.


Looking at our top-rated reviews, we have seen every best hunting watch review that you can go with. The watches that we have lined up for you here are quite reliable. They also enjoy some of the best designs that will enable you to stay ahead of the pack at all times.

The watches coms with weather altimeters, thermometers for monitoring temperatures, and also digital compasses for tracking your movements.

As such, it is easy for you to go after your hunt and still get your way back to the campsite. With your best watch for hunting, your safety is almost guaranteed when you are out alone in the woods.

But what makes these watches special? Well, they are easy to take care of. They are also tailored for the harsh outdoor environments and, as such, will allow you to enjoy some of the best performances.

Choose your best GPS watch for hunting, and enjoy some of the easiest times around the wild woods.

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