Texas Hunting License: Everything You Should Know

Hunting is an enjoyable activity. However, if you are living in the state of Texas, you must have a hunting license. The license allows you to hunt freely and to get the most out of this fun-filled activity. But what actually is a hunting license Texas supposed to be like?

What is a Texas Hunting License?

A Texas hunting license is a permit that allows every hunter to hunt within the state of Texas. Without this permit, a hunter will be in contravention of the laws and will face a jail sentence when found.

The permit is a requirement by the Federal state of Texas from every hunter. The law states that all resident hunters in Texas must have a hunting license in Texas. However, no license is actually required for any nuisance fur-bearing animals, the feral hogs, and also the coyotes.

Types of Hunting Licenses in Texas

Now that we have seen what a hunting license is when you live in the state of Texas, the next thing is to see the types of hunting licenses that you can get while living in the state of Texas. Take a look.

Hunting License for Residents

A Texas resident is any person who has been living in the state of Texas for six months or more. They also include the non-residents who are yet to reach the age of 17 and the active-duty military together with their dependents.

All those who qualify to be residents in the state of Texas and want to hunt must have the resident hunting license.

Hunting License for Non-Residents

The other hunting license that’s issued in the state of Texas is for the non-residents. A non-resident is anyone who doesn’t meet the above qualifications and is living in the state of Texas. They are often adults who’ve reached the age of 18 and haven’t lived in Texas for at least six months.

When such people want to hunt in Texas, they are provided by a non-resident hunting license Texas.

Youth Hunting License

The youth hunting license is provided to the residents and non-residents youths who are under the age of 17 and want to hunt.  This category doesn’t require the state hunting endorsement, with an exception of the Reptile and the Amphibian department.

Senior Hunting License

There is the senior hunting license that’s given to the Texas residents who are at the age of 65 or more. This type of license has a reduced-fee.

Military and Veteran License

Any active-duty military member stationed anywhere in Texas can purchase the resident hunting license. In addition to that, any active-duty military member who is a resident of Texas is eligible for a free Texas Resident Active Duty Military “Super Combo” License and a Texas Resident Active Duty Military Hunting Package (when on leave).

Benefits of having a hunting license Texas

Apart from the types of licenses, there are several benefits that a Texas hunting license will actually give you. These benefits include the following:

Hunting by the Law

First, a hunter’s license is a requirement in the state of Texas. Failure to have one means you are in contravention of the law. However, with a hunting license, you will have fulfilled every requirement, and as such, you won’t rub shoulders with the Federal government.

Save Money

The actual hunting license fee is a small fraction of the fines that you will face when found hunting without a license. As such, it is an advantage to get your hunting license rather than to pay up the hefty amounts of fines that you will face when found in contravention of the hunting laws in Texas.

Proper Knowledge

Before you get a hunting license, you’ll take a hunting course that provides you with adequate hunting knowledge. You will understand where to hunt, what to hunt, how to hunt, and what types of hunting equipment to use. This is quite helpful when you finally start hunting.

Easy Hunting Time

With a license in your pocket, there aren’t worries that will cross your mind. This is because you’ll be permitted to hunt. You will have an easy time and hunt without any fear of facing jail terms when caught. An easy and hassle-free time is very important when tracking your game.

Care of Environment

It would be best if you should hunt with the thought of sustaining the ecosystem for future generations too. Having a hunter’s license enables you to gather the required knowledge and, as such, hunt within the required limits.

In addition to that, there is a fraction of the money that goes into the maintenance and improvements of the outdoor resources. With proper management of these resources, hunters will also get improved opportunities.

You will understand the types of animals to hunt, the age bracket to work with, and above all that, the way to hunt. With this knowledge, damage to the environment is limited, and the ecosystem is sustained.

How to get a hunting license Texas

Depending on which type of license you qualify for in Texas, you will be required to do the following things:

  • Complete your Texas hunter education certification programs.
  • Get the Hunter Education Certificate (which is a pre-requisite for the legal purchase of a hunter’s license or permit in Texas.
  • Choose the right license type depending on your age and other preceding qualifications, such as residency.
  • Buy your Texas hunting license (Use the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website).

NOTE: If you don’t use the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website to purchase your hunting license, you can also buy your hunting license through any approved agents in the state of Texas.

Additional Tips

Finally, there are few other things that you should also keep in mind when looking for your hunting license within the state of Texas. They include.

Is there a hunting license for people with disabilities in Texas?

You need to understand that Texas doesn’t have a hunting license that’s specifically designed for people with disabilities. However, there is an exception for disabled veterans.

Who Issues a hunting license Texas?

Next, you must also understand that the right department that issues a certified hunting license is the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department through their website.

Do I need a hunting license for every hunt?

Like I mentioned, no license is needed for the nuisance fur-bearing animals, the feral hogs, and coyotes. However, additional endorsements may come in handy. Even so, to get the right information, it is advisable that you visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website and get more details.

What is the Cost of a Hunting license Texas?

The hunting licenses in the state of Texas come in a wide range. Texas has a license fee of $25 for its residents. For the youth (ages 16 and younger), the fee stands at about 7USD. The same applies to the seniors who start from the age of 65 and more.

However, a $315 fee is applied to non-residents who intend to get a hunter’s license while staying in Texas. For the Texas residents who want a lifetime license for hunting, a fee of $1,000 is demanded.


When looking for a Texas hunting license of your own, it is important to remember that a license doesn’t stop you from enjoying your hunt. Rather, it is a legal mechanism that’s put in place to control how we hunt so that we can have a better and continuous hunting experience every day. It is a positive step that helps us to maintain our ecosystem for a sustainable cool outdoor experience.

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