HUNTING FOR BEGINNERS Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Hunting is fun. That’s for sure. However, to get the real thrill out of any hunting experience needs more than just knowing the reason why you are out there.

As such, I have decided to give you a complete hunting guide to help you out. This guide is an essential tool for anyone who needs the best hunting for beginners guide. It is simple and easy to understand.

More importantly, I have also focused more on some of the most important tips every hunter should know when they come off age. This guide is, therefore, a must-have tool for any young adult hunters.

It will show you why you need to hunt, how to up your hunting experience, new hunting tips, to basically the type of hunting gear that you need for a great hunting experience. Take a look at what I have in store for you.

Hunting Laws

The first thing that a beginner hunter will want to be aware of is the hunting laws. While these laws might differ from one state to the next, it is important to know the laws that apply to your state of residence.

Make sure that you take proper hunting education to understand these laws. You can always take the education online to find other community-based organizations that teach the same. This is very important.

Remember that contravening the law when you are out hunting can draw a court fine, penalty, or even jail term. Once you get a certificate, you will acquire a hunting license that allows you to hunt freely.

Find out if there are any special terms to the types of hunting that you intend to engage in. This will help you in the making having a stress-free hunting experience.

Hunting Gears

While the hunting laws are very important, hunting gears are equally important. Without the right equipment, you will probably miss out on a great hunting experience.

You will find out that there are many types of hunting gears out there. You don’t need everything. Focus more on your type of hunting before you can choose a hunting gear that suits your needs.

You can also focus on your area of comfort, such as skill level and, more importantly, the weapon of comfort. Some people are good with guns, while some would rather work with bows and arrows instead.

Remember that depending on your type of hunting, you might need specialized gear. Beyond that, the basics of hunting gear will remain common to any type of hunting that you choose to go with.

Here is the basic game hunting gear:

  • Gloves: Gloves might not be ideal for warm weather since they will make you sweat. However, they will come in handy if you are hunting during winter and autumn. The dawn and dusk hunters might also appreciate a pair of gloves.
  • Clothes: The types of clothes that you choose will depend on the time of hunting and the type of hunting. If you are hunting during the cold winter, layering (wearing some clothes on top of the others) will be a fundamental trick to work with.
  • Boots: Most hunting terrains aren’t friendly to your feet. The boots will help you to go through all these terrains with ease. It will work for you on rocky terrains, steep hills, muddy and swampy areas, and, more importantly, the forests.
  • Caps: The caps aren’t so much of a big deal. However, woolen caps are good at protecting your face and also around your chin from the impending cold. This keeps your warm during winter hunts and, in turn, leaves you with a cool experience.

There are however many other hunting gears that will come in handy on some specialized hunting occasions such as these:

  • Big Game Hunting: Safety Harness, Climbing Stand, Binoculars, Bottle of Wind Indicator, haul line, and tree stand.
  • Turkey Hunting: Face mask, Thin Gloves, Push Button Call, Box or Friction Call, pair of small binoculars.
  • Waterfowl Gear: Electronic Ear Protectors

From the use of the hiking boots, camo face masks, to the use of a hunting knife, there are many hunting gears that a hunter may need. You can always add more to our hunting for beginners tips.

Hunting Place

Another thing that a beginner hunter should learn to identify is the best place to hunt in. Often, there are private and public hunting grounds.

Seasoned hunters will rely on a blend of the two. However, for a beginner who is still looking for their comfort zone, getting an area with the following should be at the top of your priority.

  • A place with a good population of game
  • A reasonable number of hunters
  • Free access to the hunting space
  • Cool grounds to pitch camp

Remember that irrespective of where you will be hunting, it is important to seek permission from the right authorities. These can be the national government or private land owners.

What You Must Do Before the Hunt

Once you have a hunting area in place, you won’t just jump into the hunt. You should do some digital scouting to determine the following:

  • The terrain of the land
  • Potential hunting area
  • Type of game found within the location

This is the basic way to be fully prepared for a new hunting experience in an area that you haven’t been to before.

Hunting Time

Depending on the types of hunting that you are involved in, you must understand what time is best for you to have a cool experience. The best hunting time might differ from one animal to the next. A good example is this.

  • Hunting for Deer: Dusk and Dawn
  • Hunting for Birds: Earl Morning and Late Afternoon
  • Hunting for Foxes: Any time of the day

This means that you can always plan your hunt in line with how much success you can anticipate too. Nonetheless, there are games that are rampant during some seasons than the other seasons too.

Gun and Ammo

If you are going to hunt using a gun, you must also understand the types of rifles that are allowed in the type of hunting that you have chosen.

More importantly, you must get conversant with the right ammo type too. Finally, you have to learn to hold the gun and to fire the gun safely without posing any form of threat to the people around you.

So, take your time to identify these tips with the help of an expert hunter, mentor, or community-based training places.

Hunting for Beginners: The Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have seen some of the most vital tips when it comes to hunting, it is important to determine the common questions that new hunters ask. These help to shed more light too.

What are the basic tactics for any hunt?

The basic tactics for a successful hunt are to track your game more, get sneaky, and be very patient. Some of the best game tracking tricks that you can always employ include the following:

  • Following trails
  • Looking for dropping
  • Tracking the hoof marks

Should I carry my hunting license whenever I am out hunting?

Yes. You never know when or who might ask for the hunting pass. It is, therefore, very important that you carry your hunting license everywhere that you choose to go hunting on. It could be a thin line between jail and freedom.

How Can I Keep My Kill fresh?

The trick is to carry your kill back home, skin it, cut it into smaller pieces, and freeze or cook immediately. However, if you are far away from home or campsite, carrying a small portable cooler box will come in handy. You can skin your meat with the hunter’s knife and set it in the cooler for the long trip back home.

Which is the Greatest Skill a Hunter Should learn?

Tracking is arguably the greatest skill. However, patience and tracking skills will also play a crucial role. But for a new hunter, you cannot learn all these tricks at the same time. It is, therefore, very important to identify one skill and develop it more.

Note: The most important thing is to identify your comfort zone before you can take aim at any type of game. Being comfortable will guarantee the cleanest shot on most occasions. So take your time.


If you are a young adult who has just gotten their first solo hunting experience, this hunting for beginners guide will help you a lot.

It shows you what you need, what hunting entails, and why it is important to hunt. More importantly, the guide also leads you into some of the most vital things that you require for a successful hunting experience.

In so doing, I have laid out the most vital tips that I have acquired since I started hunting. Round up all your tools for the best hunting experience today.

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