How to Hunt: Learning How to Hunt the Smart Way in 2021

Hunting is fun. Whether you are hunting for deer or quails, the experience should be quite a memorable one. For a new hunter to ensure that they get exactly that, they must first learn how to hunt the smart way.

So how do you learn the best hunting skills? In this post, I am going to give you some of the smartest ways that you can use to learn how to hunt. The options aren’t rocket science and, as such, should sink in pretty fast.

Nonetheless, you need to be very patient as you learn this new skill. Take a look at some of the tips that I have for the new hunters out there.

Take Some Hunting Lessons

First, you must understand the intricacies of hunting. The truth is this; hunting is extremely regulated. As such, you cannot just wake up and head to the hunting trail.

To begin you off, there are hunting licenses that you will require. This is a pre-requisite by Federal law. So whether you are hunting for deer, turkeys, quails, squirrels, and many more, you cannot escape this.

However, before you can get a hunting license and enjoy an epic hunting experience, you’d have to take and actually pass the hunting education course.

What You Must Know

Every state has its own hunting course. Indeed, some will only allow you to take a hunting course if you have reached a given age. So no matter the requirements of your state, it is advisable to take the course if you want to be safe. Failure to do that can get you jailed, fined, or both.

Get a Mentor on the Hunt Trail

While the hunting classes and licenses are both critical, they won’t solve your needs in the appropriate way. The only way to get good at this skill is to learn how to hunt beside an expert hunter.

Get a highly experienced hunter to hold your hand, train you, and give you the best hunting experience along the way. Mentoring is good and will ensure that you end up with such an experience.

How to Get a Mentor

If you already have some contacts around you, it might be a huge relief. It is even better when you are close since you can just ask them to take you hunting sometime.

However, if you don’t know them, it is no reason to worry. Remember, relationships are created. Say hi, and ease onto it.

Finally, when you find someone who’s willing to help, it is important to play along. Remember, this hunter is not obligated by the law to take you anywhere.

Once you get a couple of trips from them, you can always take some time and go alone the next time. What Can You Do If You Don’t Find a Mentor? Take a look at the next step.

Enroll on Community Based Learn-To-Hunt Programs

In case you miss out on a hunting mentor, you can always enroll in a community based learn-to-hunt programs. These are equally good and are very legal.

They are often organized by the state or simply a wildlife conservation agency. Learn-to-hunt based programs are the easiest ways to become a licensed hunter.

The Quality Deer Management Association has a Field-to-Fork program that can give you such a great opportunity on the same line.

What You Must Know

So many learn to hunt programs will fill up fast. So your success will depend on how much persistence or determination you’ve got. Before that, however, you should catch up with other community-based associations to learn more about hunting as a skill too.

Get Conversant with the State’s Hunting Laws

If you have taken the state hunting classes, then you have probably seen how much restrictions and laws most states have. As such, it is important to get familiar with these laws so that you aren’t caught on the wrong side of the game.

Indeed, there are even two sides to hunting laws. We have the hunting rules and hunting ethics, which you need to be conversant with both. So taking your time to understand these laws is really help full.

Remember this, violations of the game law can have very serious consequences to an individual, including getting tickets to having your hunting privileges revoked or worse. So get conversant with them since it is very important.

Buy a Hunting License

Once you have the rules and the hunting seasons on your fingertips, you can then buy a hunting license. This should be after you have taken your hunting lessons and found got a legal hunting certificate.

Buying your hunting certificate is no brainer at all. You can easily do that through your state’s hunting agency or even through the sporting shops.

If your license is purchased online, it is important to ensure that you print it out and laminate it. You will have to carry your hunting license whenever you are out hunting.

More importantly, make sure that you only hunt in the states where your hunting license applies. Otherwise, do not risk jail time by contravening the hunting laws of your state.

Guns, Ammo, and Practice

This is another important thing when learning how to hunt. Make sure that you are quite conversant with the guns, ammo, and shooting. Take the same classes and then get down to practice with your pals.

It might prove so much of an uphill tack from the beginning, but this touch wears out with time. Eventually, you’ll become a pro and find an easy hunting experience with your guns.

Get Your Gears Right

There are specific types of guns that are recommended for specific types of hunts. Guns are the major hunting gears among most hunters. We also have the right type of hunting clothing, depending on the weather, hunting time, and hunting location.

Well, this is the basic of hunting gear. While it might be pretty expensive, here is my advice to you, borrow or rent from a pal until you are ready. Here are some things that you should remember to have.

NOTE: Once the gear is right, you will love it when you learn to hunt. The experience will be quite epic around your friends. Take your time to find the right gear. Layering is the best tip when hunting on a cold morning.

How to Hunt: The Common Question and Answers

Now that you are ready to hunt, what else should you know? Here are some of the most common concerns that newbies often have.

Can I Hunt Without Taking The Hunting Education?

Well, yah. But that’s exceptional to some other states. Even so, if you can find someone who is licensed to take you with them when going hunting, then you can as well hunt without a license.

If you must do this, then you are required to purchase what is called an “apprentice license” first. This type of license allows you to hunt under the supervision of a licensed hunter. But this only applies to some states.

However, if your state allows you to tag along with a licensed hunter without the apprentice license, then it might restrict you from hunting some types of games such as hogs and coyotes, among others.

How Can I Get Community Based Learn-to-Hunt Programs?

It is simple, really. Just get online and search for similar programs by your state. Or simply search for the right words such as “I am interested in hunting,” among others. The search should be able to guide you to a relevant program that will allow you to learn how to hunt.

How Do I Prevent Getting Into Trouble When Hunting?

The best way to prevent yourself from getting into trouble with the state is to learn the hunting laws and regulations and to focus on every one of them when out hunting. This has always been the best way to have a safe hunt.

How Can I Learn My State’s Hunting Laws?

Begin by going through your state’s game agency website. It is the easiest place to find your bets hunting regulations, season dates, and specific-species rules, among many other vital things. Take your time, don’t hurry.

What Types of Hunting Licenses Can I Get?

There are two types of hunting licenses. We have the Draws and Over-the-Counter Tags. Draws are often common in the Western states where hunting is common as opposed to Over-the-Counter tags.


Looking at the best hunting means learning how to hunt. You must ensure that you take the right lessons and play by the legal laws. This will leave you with a smooth hunting experience as you will not rub shoulders with the government.

This is the way to go. It is simple, easy, and so much a fun-filled event. Learn how to hunt with your pals for a cool experience any day.

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