How to Build a Hunting Golf Cart in Five Easy Steps

With the hunting season fast approaching, I don’t think you want to be left behind. So how best can you prepare? Well, I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve that I’d like to share with you. The very first one is how to build a hunting golf cart.

While most newbies might be new to this idea, the truth is this. You can easily transform your golf cart into a mean hunting machine. Nonetheless, it will cost you some money. But that’s nothing if you are looking for the best experience.

So what are the tricks of the best golf cart build that will transform your golf cart into the best tool for this hunting season? Please take a look at what I have here for you.

How to Build a Hunting Golf Cart

For the process to get down fast, you’ll have to get a golf cart. So where can you get a golf cart if you don’t have any?

  • Golf Clubs
  • Ask from loved ones
  • Buy online

Next, you should find the right type of golf cart. Yes, this is very important. While all carts may look right, they aren’t. The best types of golf carts that you can go for are.

  • Golf carts that are constructed of aluminum since they won’t rust (don’t buy steel carts)
  • Get older golf carts since they are less expensive when customizing
  • Find a golf cart that’s equipped with several motors
  • Look for a model with no electrical issues (that can turn on with ease)
  • A model with its underside still intact to minimize any upgrades.

Step I: Inspect the Electric Motor

This is the first step. Once you’ve checked your electric motor, you should replace the 3 HP electric motor (if you are using a Club Car DS golf cart) with a motor that meets your needs, including the terrain you will be moving on.

An area that has steep hills requires a motor that will favor torque over speed. A fairly flat area will be best with a higher speed motor.

In this case, we recommend that you go with the two-speed motor. This one will do an amazing job since they can easily switch between the speed and torque depending on your needs.

NOTE: Depending on the types of motor that you choose, you may have to include a controller in your upgraded. Remember to upgrade the following if you intend to maintain optimum performance and to eliminate overheating.

  • Forward/reverse switches
  • Solenoid
  • Cables

Step II: Replace the Batteries

The one thing that I forgot to mention is this when you are considering the type of gold cart to purchase, going for one with older batteries is better. This is because having this gives you the confidence that these batteries were well maintained.

As such, you will have a wide range of options to go with.  With this set, it is time to replace the batteries. Well, this will be the most expensive part too.

Once you’ve determined the maximum range, you should go for the batteries that’ll offer the best run time. A good example of such batteries is the Deka GC45 batteries. The Trojan 145 batteries are again a good option, too, in case your cart has 8V batteries.

NOTE: You must maintain your battery if you want to optimize their run time. This will maximize their longevity and could give you a life span of about 5 years.

Step III: Upgrade Your Suspensions

Unlike the standard leaf springs, you should be looking for heavy-duty models for the additional weight.

In addition to that, you can bring in a rear seat kit that has a cargo conversion, which again will need an upgraded suspension.

The upgrade suspension will help you to transport deer feeds to the furthest feeders, and adding a lift kit provides you with the best clearance through the woody terrains.

Step IV: Set New Wheels and Tires

Inspect your type of terrain and replace your wheels with all-terrain tires. These are super aggressive mud tires that are suitable for rocky and unstable surfaces.

Focus on the type of lift kit installed when installing a tire. We recommend steel wheels or the aluminum wheel coated with black powder.

Step V: Add Hunting Accessories

This is the final part. Whatever you choose here depends on your needs. You can always add any of the following:

  • Binocular holders
  • Cooler rack
  • Fender flares
  • Fishing pole holder
  • Brush guards
  • Roof storage sections

Having a golf cart for a hunting mission can be awesome. Just be patient and get the improvements right.

Benefits of Converting Your Golf Cart into a Hunting Cart

Having an old golf cart for a hunting cart means you are saving a lot on buying a new hunting cart. Again it means that you could easily transform your cart into a powerful tool that suits your needs.

But that’s not all. Again, motorized carts are quieter than those carts that are designed to use gas. They are safe and will hardly develop any problems if designed right.

So if you are looking for something better to head with into the woods, get the golf cart or the ATV and follow this simple guide to transform it.

The one thing that you’ve got to remember when transforming your ATV is to customize it to suit your personal needs. Doing that will give you a hunting tool for all seasons!


I know that building your own hunting golf cart may seem ridiculous from the start. However, with this simple guide on how to build a hunting golf cart, there is no reason to worry. Anyone with the best golf cart building techniques can save some money here.

The process is easy and less expensive than buying a real hunting cart. And come to think of it, many seasoned hunters are now using converted golf carts, and they are impressed with the final results.

The benefits to having an old golf cart converted into a hunting cart are several, and as I mentioned above, you will find the process to be inexpensive; the golf hunting carts are silent when moving than the gas model. They are again fully customizable, which makes them much of a powerful tool.

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