Best Shotgun Chokes for Hunting Small, Fast, Close Birds

When I talk about shotgun chokes to my friends, I love to start by telling them what a shotgun choke is. That’s the same thing I will do here if I want to ensure that my message is properly passed across.

What’s a Shotgun Choke?

For many hunters, shotgun chokes aren’t anything to think about. But for a serious hunter, it means everything.

A choke tube, as there are often called, can quickly turn a single shotgun into many specialized guns. The choke tube depending on the model that you use, will alter your gun’s shooting pattern and range.

As such, a single shotgun becomes effective for a wide variety of use. So which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds?

Well, don’t worry, I will get to that. In this post, I intend to show you not only these two shotgun chokes but an additional one that’s good for hunting large birds such as turkey.

Types of Shotgun Chokes

Here is every type of shotgun choke and their subsequent use. You can choose a model that suits your needs best.

The Extra-Full Choke

The first shotgun choke is the extra-full shotgun choke. This is best for hunting large animals and large slow birds such as turkey.

They are recommended for large bird hunting, such as hunting turkey, since they give the densest shooting patterns.

Thanks to their extra-tight constrictions. Extra-full chokes are effective and will make your shotgun a lethal and highly accurate hunting gun. Use them only for the big game and large slow birds.

The Full Chokes

The next shotgun choke that’s effective for slow large birds such as the turkey is the full choke. This is the best for any smoothbore gun.

Due to its full constriction, this shotgun choke is best for hunting decoys and waterfowls. You can use it for birds and hare that sit at longer distances.

The best thing about the full chokes for shotguns is that they will give you a further centralized spread that enables you to easily reach longer shot ranges of about 45 to 50 meters.

This is an effective range for any hunter that wants to get the perfect shot in a good hiding spot too.

The Modified Chokes

After these two, we’ve got the modified choke. This is a shotgun choke that has a half constriction when compared to the previous choke that we just saw (full).

This type of shotgun choke is effective and will easily deliver between 55% and 65% of your total pellets when shot within a range of 35 meters.

It is the best choke when you are out hunting for distant-flushing birds or even for the small bucks.

For those asking for which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds, this is one of them.

The Cylinder Chokes

While the modified chokes have a constriction, this type of choke comes with no constriction. The cylinder shotgun choke is a much more conventional type of shotgun choke that’s used for the service shotguns. They are hardly used for hunting guns and will distribute your pellets by only 40%.

Nonetheless, for those who want the best shotgun choke for hunting the small, fast, and close birds, this next model will make up for a great addition apart from the modified choke that we just saw. Take a look.

The Improved Cylinder Choke

Unlike the cylinder shotgun choke, this type of shotgun choke falls somewhere between your modified choke and the cylinder type of shotgun choke.

This gives it a better delivery than the cylinder choke such makes it a much more suitable model for hunting small, fast, and close birds.

The delivery of the improved cylinder choke is about 50% of your total pellets, which makes it an effective model for small, fast birds.

With this type of choke, you can easily shoot the waterfowl and close-over decoys. You can also use it for the close-quarters birds.


One shotgun choke that I often consider to be a bonus is the skeet shotgun chokes. It is more or less similar to the improved cylinder choke that we just saw. As such, it can be used to distribute about 50% of your total pellets.

However, this is possible only at a closer range when you use the skeet shotgun choke. That’s why this choke is best suited for skeet hunting.

NOTE: Depending on your type of needs, you should choose a shotgun choke that gives you the best experience. Choose the best model for your type of hunting and get a model that allows you to get a better kill.

Shotgun Chokes for Hunting Small, Fast, Close Birds

With that said, you can easily point out which shotgun choke is ideal for your use. That’s good. But which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds?

According to what we have seen above, it is evident that the best shotgun chokes, if you plan on hunting small, fast, close birds, are the following:

  • The Modified Chokes
  • The Improved Cylinder Choke

These shotgun chokes will improve your gun such that the gun will spray more bullets and ensure that you get the quickest spray for fast animals.

Another reason why these two types of shotgun chokes are the best is this. The small and fast birds may often appear very near to your shotguns. When this happens, it becomes hard to aim at them.

However, tiny chokes are active. They will give you extra care and better precision when you are out shooting.  They’ll help you to indicate your type of shotgun quickly.

In addition to these, the two shotgun chokes will again create a board pattern and a quick spread when working on the nearest range.

A good example is the improved cylinder choke that will increase your shooting accuracy by up to 10% but again, one that won’t deal with any serious injury to prey.

Choose your choke depending on which game you are going after. However, you can use the modified chokes for birds that are slightly larger since they guarantee you that the bullets will instantly penetrate the prey.


Now that you’ve got the best choke for your shotgun, what else do you need to know about shotgun chokes and how they work? Here are the common concerns that’ll allow you to have the best experiences with your chokes.

How Do You Choose Shotgun Chokes for Small, Fast, and Close Birds?

Simply look at the inside pellets percentage of the shotgun choke that you are using. You can also figure out the size of choke that’s ideal for your shotgun by simply measuring the diameter of the bore.

When measuring, you should remember that one point will often equate to a one-thousandth inch when working with constriction.

More importantly, make sure that you have a price in mind. The price should fall within your budget.

What is a choke?

A choke is a form of constriction. It is a tapered constriction of your gun barrel’s bore that exists at the muzzle end. Depending on your needs, shotgun chokes come in different styles.

Some have fixed chokes, while others can be equipped with several removable chokes. The exit end that the choke has is often smaller by a given dimension compared to the actual bore of your barrel.

How do chokes work?

Chokes employ one of the simplest mechanisms to work. It tightens the pattern and thus enables you to quickly shoot on some of the further distances.

This technology makes the choke one of the most useful tools if you are looking at trapping or hunting.

The use of choke technology is awesome and will leave you with a simpler execution if you are a first-time hunter.


So which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds? From our post, you can easily tell which shotgun choke is best for your use. Depending on the type of fast, small bird that you want, you’ve got two options that you can go for.

Even so, the most important thing is to understand how the choke tube transforms your gun. You must ensure that the choke tube that you choose is ideal for your needs.

It should transform your gun is the best way so that you have the most memorable experience with it too.

As if that’s not important, anyone who wants to use a choke tube for rabbits should use the modified choke. Personally, I love to hunt quails using the improved cylinder chokes.

Chokes are very helpful. The interchangeable system will increase your shotgun’s versatility and save you so much money that you’d have spent on buying different types of guns.

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