Top Ten Best Rifle Scope Reviews in 2021 and Buying Guide

If you are a hunter that uses a rifle, then you must know how hard it is to aim and shoot at your target. You could easily miss, hit the wrong places, damage the juicy steak, or completely dismember the carcass before you can even have it.

So what can you do to get a smooth and accurate shot? Well, this is your lucky day. Make sure that you use a rifle scope. The best rifle scope will allow you to track your prey, hunt it from your hiding, and take a clean shot with much success.

I know that choosing a rifle scope is hard. Luckily for you, I have rounded up some of the best scopes for your hunting rifle in this post. You will find a buyer’s guide, more tips, and the bestselling rifle scope models. That’s why you need it.

Take a look.

Best Rifle Scope Buying Guide

Now that you have seen the best reviews that I rounded up for you, how do you get the most suitable rifle scope for your use? Here are smart tips that you’ll have to keep in mind. Take a look!


First, the price has to be right. Set a personal budget so that you don’t exceed your spending limit. Make sure that the rifle scope that you intend to buy fits into this budget accordingly. You need to steer clear of any impulse buying.


The scope should offer the best magnification power. Go with standard magnification so that you get crystal clear images. This will help you to take smooth and clean shots without damaging the juicy steak from your hunt.

Field of View

A wider field of view means easy tracking of prey; it again ensures that you can get a clean shot whenever the opportunity arises. More importantly, a wider field of view prevents you from straining your eyes when tracking. I suggest finding a wider field of view than going with a narrow one.


Again, the best rifle scope should offer the most reliable weatherproofing technology. In that case, going with a nitrogen-purged touch will ensure a 100 percent fog-proof design. It again ensures that you have absolute waterproof technology. Combined with the O-rings technology, no moisture can penetrate inside the optical device to damage the inner components.


The images viewed under the rifle scope need to be very clear if you must make a clean shot. This means getting a rifle scope that’s adjustable and which can allow you to find the perfect range for a clear view.

Lens Coating

A good rifle scope should again have a great set of the coating. Having a high-quality optical glass setup with a fully-coated lens will deliver crystal clear, bright, and sharp images. This again adds to the best experience when it comes to the clarity of the image viewed.

Non-Slip Grip

Again, to resist any form of damage, a rifle scope should come with a rubberized or hardcover. In addition to that, it should have a non-slip grip. This type of grip makes it easy to adjust the setup to suit your weather conditions and again prevents the scope from slipping from your hand and accidentally falling down.

Top Six Best Rifle Scope Reviews

Here are the top rifle scopes that I have rounded-up and reviewed for you. Take a look at every one of them to pick your best.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope

The first model that we will look at is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope. This scope is one of the best models for your hunting rifle. Weighing just about 0.23 pounds, this rifle scope is extremely light in weight. You can add it to your rifle without feeling any change in weight. This makes it an awesome accessory that allows you to use your rifle for an extended timeline without any worries.

The matte black color that the scope has is a cool one too. It gives the scope a complete touch with a style that fits most guns and hunting rifles. More importantly, this scope again features 3 MOA Dot reticle. In addition to that, there are the 11 rifle scope brightness settings. This feature is the best for anyone who intends to maximize their clarity before taking the final shot.

The rifle mounts so easily on several Picatinny gun rails and is again compatible with several pistols and shotguns. It can work with muzzleloaders too. Nonetheless, the best feature that this rifle scope offers is its waterproof construction that comprises O ring sealed optics technology that keeps it dry from the inside.


  • 50 Shockproof construction
  • 23 pounds
  • 3 MOA Dot reticle
  • 11 brightness settings
  • Nitrogen purged


  • Withstand bumps
  • Interior optical surfaces won’t fog
  • Resists rapid temperature changes
  • Easy to mount on many gun rails
  • Adjustable brightness levels


  • Only matte black color

Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Waterproof Riflescope

The next best rifle scope that we will look at is the Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Waterproof Riflescope. It has easy features to use and a mechanism that will fascinate you so easily. So what does it come with? Featuring a Truplex Reticle, this riflescope is reliable and very versatile. It offers one of the best waterproofing and fog proofing technologies.

The mode is again shockproof and with a parallax correction preset that works so well from 50 yards. In addition to that, it has the Rimfire 3/8″ mounting rings with the best dovetail design for a stable fix.

Buying the scope gives you a chance to use the HydroShield coating, which emphasizes a clear picture. Even better, there is the SureGrip rubber surface that’s easy to adjust in any condition. This is why this high-quality optical glass scope with fully-coated optics delivers one of the brightest and sharpest images.

Finally, this scope model again has the HydroShield lens coating. This type of coating will help the scope to maintain crystal clear pictures regardless of the type of weather that you are hunting under. Use this best rifle scope when hunting deer, duck, or birds. It is an awesome model that has registered several success for most people.


  • Truplex Reticle
  • Rimfire 3/8″ mounting rings
  • SureGrip rubber surface
  • HydroShield lens coating
  • 6 Ounces


  • Best waterproofing
  • Parallax correction preset
  • Easy to adjust in any condition
  • Fully-coated optics
  • Crystal clear pictures


  • Slightly longer for some small guns

UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Rifle Scope

The UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Rifle Scope is not for the pro hunters alone but rather for the newbies too. The riflescope would be the best if you were looking for a hunting rifle scope that’s built robustly and with a high-end strength.

It is fitted with the smart spherical structure (SSS) that enables it to provide you with the best levels of durability. The scope again offers the best waterproof technology with its QD rings. You can use it in wet weather comfortably without getting worried about catching any moisture on its inner components too.

For the most accurate images, this model offers an elevation adjustment with one of the toughest recoil resistance. This means that your shots will be clean, smooth, and precise. The ability of the scope to leave you with the best experience is again doubled by the presence of the precision broadband coatings for the lens.

The same technology will leave you with a generous field of view, which is ideal if you intend to track your prey in a pack. One thing that I love this rifle scope for is its premium zero lockable and resettable turrets. This works with the Pro 5-Step RGB Reticle to leave you with a greater experience.


  • 6 pounds
  • Crossbow Rifle Scope
  • Spherical structure
  • QD rings
  • Pro 5-Step RGB Reticle


  • Easy to set and work with
  • Smart spherical structure
  • Waterproof technology
  • Elevation adjustment
  • The generous field of view


  • Heavier

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

Like the sister above, the UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope again has more or less the same types of features for every hunter. It is simple to use and will fit so well on your short hunting gun. Firstly, the UTG 3-12X44 30mm weighs just about 1.45 pounds. It is lighter than its sister above and allows you to carry it easily for longer.

The model again comes with the matte black color, which allows it to blend in well with most hunting guns that you will find in the market. Even so, for most users, this rifle scope’s 30-millimeter size is what makes it special. It offers a wide field of view that enables them to track their kill so easily.

In addition to that, the 3-12X44 IE tactical scope is best for range estimation. It comes with a mil-dot and a full 36-color EZ Tap reticle. Further on, the 30-Millimeter tube is built on a stronger platform and, more importantly, sealed to prevent moisture from getting in.

The model is further filled with nitrogen. It has the best shockproof technology and comes with a multi emerald lens coating.


  • Nitrogen purged
  • 45 pounds
  • Matte black color
  • 30-millimeter
  • 36-color EZ tap reticle


  • Integrated angled sunshade
  • Flip-open lens caps
  • Uninterrupted illumination
  • Premium zero locking
  • Zero resetting target turrets
  • Precise adjustment


  • Plastic may damage easily

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope

I had to include CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope in these top reviews. This rifle scope is not only the best for newbies but also for pro hunters. The 6-24×50 AOE is an awesome scope with a tweak of red and green illumination, which makes it an awesome addition to most hunting gears.

For starters, this hunting rifle comes with a free mount for your gun. As such, you will have a cool tracking even under heavy recoil. In addition to that, the black color helps you to camouflage your gun even when the scope is added onto its rail.

The scope has easy non-slip rubberized grips for easy adjustments depending on your shooting conditions. More importantly, the standard magnification power ensures that you get a crystal clear image under a wide field of view. You can watch your prey comfortably and get a smooth shot when the time is right.

But what really makes it so special? Is it a stable mounting with a V-shaped self-fitting design? No. It’s waterproofing technology. This rifle scope can be used even under heavy rains. Thanks to its high-end waterproofing technology. It again has a shockproof construction and is designed to withstand any bumps and falls.


  • Red and green illumination
  • Rubberized grips
  • Standard magnification
  • V-shaped self-fitting
  • Waterproofing technology


  • Can use under rain
  • Best for extended use
  • Cool blend-in color
  • Easy to fit and use
  • Nitrogen purged


  • Cost varies with offers

Pinty Rifle Scope 3-9×32 Rangefinder

You are talking about saving the best for last. If you want the best rifle scope for any type of hunting, Pinty Rifle Scope 3-9×32 Rangefinder is the ultimate gadget for you. The rangefinder is durable and will withstand the harsh outdoor environment easily. Thanks to its durable aluminum alloy cover.

In addition to that, the riflescope is fitted with a rangefinder, which means that you can calculate the exact distance between you and your target before taking the shot. It is a great way of improving your shot accuracy. More importantly, the rangefinder riflescope gives you a green laser sight and dot on everything that you need to shoot.

With magnifications of up to 9X, this rifle scope doubles with up to 5 brightness adjustments for the best control. 4 reticle patterns are available and work with the red/green dot sight. The image produced is a high-resolution image with unlimited eye relief to complement the wide field of view.

The Picatinny mount is easy to use and works for any 22mm rails. Again, this scope offers you multi-coated optics and reliable O-ring sealing. You will get the best nitrogen purging, which doubles up and works with O-rings to ensure 100% water/fog resistance.


  • 5 brightness adjustments
  • Red/green dot sight
  • Picatinny mount
  • O-ring sealing
  • Nitrogen purged


  • Unsurpassed light transmission
  • Wide field of view
  • Waterproof
  • Smooth rail fitting
  • Best mechanical performance
  • High-end clarity


  • Complex user manual

Additional Information: Vital Tips You Must Know

The next part that I will take you through is this. What exactly will I talk about here? First, I will give you care and maintain tips. Next, I will take you through some common concerns that most people have.

Proper Care and Maintenance

You are taking care of your rifle scope, including several things that you must do. Luckily, they are very easy and include the following.

  • Clean your rifle scope after use – use the micro-fiber rag
  • Store your scope properly – set in its case and keep
  • Make sure it is far from children and pets – set in high places
  • Do not leave your scope unattended – keep an eye on it
  • Follow the user manual – don’t do the contrary
  • Use warranty in case of manufacture defect

If you follow these tips properly, your rifle scope should last longer. It will perform better and again leave you with a smooth operation.


Finally, let me take you through some of the common questions that people will ask about the best rifle scopes.

What’s the best magnification for top rifle scopes?

A magnification that’ll give you crystal clear targets is good. For riflescopes, any magnification that’s set at 4x will work well. It will hit up to 300 yards. Even so, a magnification of 6x will again work fine when set at 400 yards.

Which one is better: 30mm or the 1-inch scope?

Scopes that are built on the 30mm tubes are generally brighter. They will give sharper and clearer images too. As such, if you can wrap up the 30 mm model, it will be a big scoop for your hunting.

How do scopes work on the rifle?

Once set on the rail, the magnifying lens will move towards the scope’s objective lens. In doing so, it increases the magnification. To reduce the magnification, it moves to the ocular lens. The ocular lens will then focus the light that’s gathered on the other end of your rifle scope to leave you with an image.

Where can I buy the best rifle scope?

Buy your rifle scope online. You will get a variety of models to choose from. You will again get the best prices and even better, direct warranties. The products will be delivered straight to your doorstep. Buying online will save time, money, and energy too.


I have taken you through the best rifle scope reviews. You have seen how to choose your best hunting rifle scope. More importantly, we have gone through some vital additional tips that you need to know. So can you choose your best model right away?

If you do, then you can follow the care tips that I left you with to ensure that the rifle scope lasts longer. You should learn your scope and master how it works properly. Make sure that you take your time to practice with the scope before you take it with you.

An even better way is to take a pro hunter with you so that they can guide you. This is a huge step if you want to master how to use a rifle scope quickly.

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